Past Research


Norman Sullivan, Marquette University

Ben White, Colorado State University

Andrew Ozga, Ball State University

Milwaukee County Almshouse Cemetery Skeletal Collection

The Milwaukee County Almshouse Cemetery was the place of burial for the indigent of the city of Milwaukee, WI, as well as residentsof institutions for long term care.  The cemterywas in active use from1884 to 1925 and included an estimated 6400 inhumations.  Mitigation excavations of a construction zone uncovered 1649 individuals who were, until recently, housed by the Marquette University Anthropology Department.  Research examined health, identity and artifacts of the excavated individuals.

Select Publications and Presentations

T. Cepon, R. Patalita, A. Ozga, B. White, N. Sullivan, A. Mann, L. Devitt, & S. Dougherty (2007). An analysis of methods and purposes of post-mortem examinations as observed in a Pauper Cemetery. AJPA 44: 85.

A. Ozga, R. Patalita, T. Cepon, B. White, N. Sullivan, L. Devitt, & A. Mann (2007). The prevalence of vertebral and peripheral characteristics of diffuse idiopathic skeletal hyperstosis (DISH) in a Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centural Almshouse Cemetery. AJPA 44: 182

B. White, T. Cepon, A. Ozga, N. Sullivan, L. Devitt, & C. Milligan (2006). Demographic Features of a Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Almshouse Cemetery. Presented at the annual meeting of the Midwest Bioarchaeology and Forensic Anthropology Association, November 3-5, Springfield, Illinois.

T. Cepon (2007). Non-adult mortality in a turn of the century midwestern city. Presented at the Central States Anthropological Society Conference, April 12-15, 2007. Minneapolis, MN.

B. White, T. Cepon, A. Ozga, N. Sullivan, & L. Devitt (2007) The dating and analysis of grave goods/cemetery use in a 19th/20th century almshouse cemetery. Presented at the Society for American Archaeology Conference, April 25-29, 2007, Austin, TX.

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